Living a spirit-filled life

There is always a beginning. I hate beginnings. I always muddle through them and hem and haw and then finally, some time later, I figure what my point is and get to it. So, I suppose, I ought to get to the point and write some form of introduction and set the tone for this blog.

It is true that creating focus has not been one of my strengths these past few years. Perhaps it is my age. But then, I hear many women my age come to a crossroads where their old lives are no longer satisfactory and they change directions and create a new one. Perhaps it is that I’ve become reluctant to change. It is a fearsome thing to change directions without knowing the outcome.

For me, I suppose, the life I had taken on as a wife and mother was a costume I forgot I was wearing and I forgot to take it off after the party was over. There was something about being a wife and a mother that was eminently satisfying. Teaching the children and making the home gave a lot of freedom to explore safely. But I had forgotten something important.

I was me.

Through the years of wifely duties and mothering, I had given up being me. It just slipped away amid the string of compromises I made to keep peace and harmony. I had lost touch with that part of myself that knew things, that saw patterns. I had weakened and became compliant, compromising myself and the person I am now is hardly that person with courage and dreams that I was so many years ago.

Now I know a little better. I know now that we are children of God, whether we acknowledge that or not, I know now that, though we are all mere humans on this earth, our spirits can truly soar. The Hunians say we are spirit having an human experience on this earth and I believe that to be so. It is this blend of spirit and humanness that makes us truly interesting and the potential we have is staggering.

It is in the seeking of spiritual expression in life that shows our desire to get back the richness and goodness we miss. I believe that it is through this expression that we show our love, and through spirit and creativity we can truly heal ourselves and our families. Our self-expression can take many forms and, though some may argue, I believe all have merit. What is most important is that we learn to believe again and to trust ourselves again. When we believe again, our lives will be stronger and richer as will the lives of our loved ones.

2 thoughts on “Living a spirit-filled life

  1. Hi, Lezli!

    I am so happy to discover your blog here on WordPress and look forward to reading all you have to share! Chronicles of Lezli now appears among my friends’ blogs and I hope that link will bring visitors to your site. May my friends soon become yours, as well.

    I wish you peace, my dear friend.


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